26 March 2010

Layout | Gym

Hey. What do you think of the new layout? Well, I am biased with the background coz I ♥ ITALIA! Even though there are more picturesque backgrounds available, I chose this one coz it's ROMA.

Comments? Suggestions? Reactions? Put them in the comment box. I need your thought on this. :)

The other 4 posts of the promised 5 posts will be coming up tomorrow coz I'm really tired and my arms and legs are hurting. Just had my first gym workout earlier today. Did some cardio and some weight training. I've never had any form of exercise in the last 6 months or so, so maybe that's why I'm hurting all around. I would choose volleyball or football over this, though. Not really fun. And not much hot or cute guys in the gym. Full of old gay people. And no hot trainers, only 1. Did not know his name coz I just saw a glimpse of him. Glad to hear that I only gained a pound and a half in the last 5 weeks. :) I'm at 221.5 lb. I just wish that it would worth the hard work I would be putting in. :) It's just for 6 months. Bought a pair of Nikes today. It's white with a red. Dunno the name I'll look it up and tell you tomorrow and maybe some pictures. :)

There. I talked about my day. :) Yes, that is my day. Coz the other parts of my day was spent in front of the computer or travelling so... :)

Bitche. XD

23 March 2010

22 March 2010

I feel... I want...

I feel lonely.
I feel left behind.
I feel sad.
I feel like crying.
I feel bad.
I feel forgotten.
I feel shit.
I feel irrelevant.
I feel I don't exist.
I feel lonely.
I feel like shit.
I feel numb.
I feel unimportant.
I feel sick.

I want to cry.
I want to die.
I want to drink.
I want to shrink.
I want to smoke.
I want to choke.
I want to fuck.
I want to suck.
I want to drown.
I want to frown.

I hate this. I feel nobody remembers me. I feel I don't exist. I feel like an island written of the map due to rising sea levels. (WHAAAAAT?!?!?!) I can't keep myself busy enough to forget this. Every morning before going to bed, I always think about this.

Do my friends remember me? Do they still care about me? Do they know I'm still alive? I feel like they don't. Nobody ever asks me how I am these days.

I am used to being in the middle of everything. I want to be involved in everything, to be a part, to be included. Now that I'm away from them, I feel like I don't exist to them.

Sorry. I just want to vent it out. I've been feeling shit for weeks. If somebody asks how I am doing. I say I'm fine. But I'm not. I know this is quite confusing coz it's not organized. Sorry 'bout that.

One thing I want everyone to remember is NEVER EVER BELIEVE WHAT I SAY. I am lying most of the time. 

So would you believe it?

21 March 2010

why were you kicked out of school?

coz I flunked a lot of my classes! XD stopped attending classes mid-sem for 2 semesters.

why were you kicked out of school?

coz I flunked a lot of classes! XD I didn't finish going to classes for 2 semester. lmao.

19 March 2010


Hey! I know it's been so long since my last post. Just don't find anything interesting to blog about.

My day has been routine. Wake up @ 4 or 5 PM local time, go OL, play Facebook Apps (Farmville, Mafia Wars, My City, Airline Manager) of my 6 (freaking) accounts, chat at the Bi Out Loud chatroom, eat dinner, sleep @ 6 AM local time.

I know. I am killing myself. Now I just slept 2 hours. I woke up @ 8 AM. I am off to UP in Quezon City to get my transcript and file an Honorable Dismissal for my transfer to FEU. So, it'll be just a quick stop in UP then back home. The travel is way longer than my stay in UP.

Well Nic, mein deutscher Freund from Getting it off my chest, suggested I blog about my sexcapades (which aren't interesting, really). He says "it is interesting to those who never had sex". (Hi Lloydie! :D)

So when I get back, I will bombard you with posts coz on Sunday it's 2 months since I created BBaMB. (YAY!)

So here is the list of what I will be posting later so that I wouldn't forget them:

  • 1st sex
  • Long and Meaty
  • Justin
  • My best friend
  • Lonely
A total of 5 so I think it makes up for my current lack of posting. Starting today I will post daily again and blog about ANYTHING that happens to me.

I know the title of this post is Quickie coz this should have been just a quick update. So yeah, I have to take a bath now. I have to leave. Buh-bye! See ya in a few hours, maybe 4 or 5 hours. :)

Ciao! Have a great Friday to you all! Love ya!

-Bitche XD

12 March 2010

Just so you know,

... I am GAY! :D

Time to PARTEEEEY!!!

Hey. It's been a while since my proper blog post, eh?

Well, later today (Friday) I am gonna go back to my high school for (1) a production by the school's theater group Teatro Lasalyano(TL) entitled "Beauty Is The Beast" and (2) a concert/band fest/car show.

I dunno why it's called "Beauty Is The Beast", maybe it's a spin-off of the famous Disney fairy tale. I bet it's gonna be cool coz the director is really good. And the actors, some of which I know and have been on stage with, are good actors too. Everyone's expecting my presence since I am one of the well-known alumni of the TL. It's the 3rd straight year that TL is performing a production. TL was called Animo Teatro in my time, SY 2007-08, the first school year in which the club performed a school play.

The night event is entitled DLSC MAKI-ALAM KA! iVote STREET PARTY (DLSC Be In-The-Know iVote STREET PARTY). Popular local bands, such as Mayonnaise and Urbandub, are playing in the concert. Students will also be competing in the band fest entitled "ROCK TO VOTE 2010". The car show, entitled "VROOOM! '10!", is the first ever car show to be held by the school.

A lot of alumni and current students are gonna be there so I have to go. So, I am out the whole day tomorrow. The production starts at 8:30 AM so I have to leave the house at maybe 7 AM, which is in 5 and a half hours, so I probably should go to bed. Or maybe not sleep at all. XD

So, there. That's gonna be my day tomorrow. Maybe I'll tell you what happened on Saturday or tomorrow evening when I get home. See you then!

-Bitche. XD